Book Project

Welcome Back My Son

The unbelievably shattering life story of Emmanuel's escape from the occult and the wickedness of the entertainment industry.


Writing this book holds profound significance for several reasons. Firstly, it serves as a testament to the power of Jesus Christ. It is clear evidence of his hands being able to reach anyone even in the darkest of places. My personal transformation and the redemptive influence of faith was not easy. By sharing my extraordinary life story, I aim to expose the dark allure of witchcraft, spiritualism, the occult, and the underbelly of the entertainment industry. Through my experiences and revelations, I seek to shine a light on the hidden dangers that lurk beneath the surface, while offering hope and guidance to those who may be entangled in similar circumstances.

Moreover, this book is a platform to spread the Gospel and share the profound impact that Jesus Christ has had on my life from conception. His hands were all over my life before I even chose him. By recounting my journey of escape from witchcraft and Hollywood's occult, I aim to illustrate the transformative power of faith, forgiveness, and redemption. Through my personal testimony, I hope to inspire readers to seek a deeper spiritual connection and to find solace, healing, fullness and purpose in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Ultimately, this book serves as a powerful tool for exposing darkness, revealing the truth, and sharing the life-changing message of the Gospel. By intertwining my personal narrative with the profound impact of Jesus Christ, I aspire to ignite a spark of hope, faith, and relationship with Jesus in the hearts of readers. Through my courageous storytelling, I strive to empower others to break free from the grip of darkness, sexual immorality, deception, pride, and embrace the light of truth, and experience the transformative and saving love and grace that Jesus Christ offers.

I've done my part by opening my entire life in such a transparent way for the world to look into. I can't do this next part alone and I'm asking for your help. I would like to raise money to fund the entire creation, printing, roll-out, marketing and release of my book. I guarantee that this story will change your life for ever whether you're a teenager or an adult. This book tackles a variety of lifestyles and topics from money, drugs, abuse, and more. Below I've included some of the topics you'll find as you journey with me through my life story. 


In the midst of navigating the complexities of identity, depression, childhood trauma, suicide, rejection, and loneliness, this book highlights a transformative and life-altering element: the healing and salvation you only find through Jesus Christ.

Through the pages of this powerful book, I courageously share how encountering Jesus became the turning point in my life. His love, grace, and redemptive power brought healing to the deepest wounds inflicted by my past. Jesus became my source of strength and rest, guiding me through the darkest moments and leading me towards a path of restoration and purpose.

By sharing how Jesus intervened in my life, I provide a profound testimony of His transformative work. His love and forgiveness enabled me to find healing from the scars of childhood trauma, offering a renewed sense of hope and a fresh start. Jesus became my constant companion in the depths of depression, lifting me out of the abyss and infusing my life with purpose and joy.

Moreover, it is through the saving power of Jesus that I found liberation from the grips of witchcraft, the occult, and the destructive influences of Hollywood. His presence became a beacon of light that shattered the chains of darkness, providing a pathway towards freedom and a deeper understanding of my true identity.  While I would never be against therapy or counseling, these outlets did not provide a permanent solution for me. I also had mentors in my life which helped but also didn't provide a full fix.

In sharing this story, I passionately convey how Jesus' healing touch and redemptive power can extend to anyone who seeks Him. My experiences exemplifies the transformative love of Christ, offering a message of hope and restoration to those who may be enduring similar struggles. Through Jesus, I discovered that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and that no matter the depths of despair, He is capable of bringing new life, purpose, and wholeness to all who surrender to His grace. 


The impact of divorce on a child can be profound and life-altering, and I experienced it first-hand. As a young boy, my world was turned upside down, and the stability I once knew was replaced by uncertainty and upheaval. This transition was not only emotionally taxing, but it also forced me to mature prematurely, as I was suddenly deemed "the man of the house."

This new responsibility, thrust upon my young shoulders, was a heavy burden to bear. I was expected to fill the shoes of my father, a role I was neither prepared nor equipped to take on. This led to a constant internal struggle where I felt the need to be both a child and an adult simultaneously. The pressure to replace my father not only robbed me of parts of my childhood innocence but also instilled in me a sense of obligation and guilt that was far beyond my years.

The consequences of this were far-reaching and formed the foundation of a challenging life. I was forced to navigate the complexities of life at a young age.  In the midst of the turmoil and confusion I faced as a result of my parents' divorce, I found a lifeline in church. Eventually church would fail me and religion would fail me. This spiraled me into many different paths as I grew older.

It wasn't until much later that I began to deal with the trauma. One of the most profound impacts of my faith was the ability it gave me to forgive my parents. Over time, with prayer and reflection, Jesus helped me understand that forgiveness was not about forgetting the pain, but about releasing the hold it had over my life. This was a transformative process that freed me from resentment and allowed me to heal.

God also became the father figure that filled the gaps left by my parents' divorce. His unwavering love and acceptance healed the rejection I felt, reaffirming my worth and instilling in me with a sense of belonging. I was no longer defined by my past or my circumstances. Instead, I was a cherished child of God, worthy of love and happiness. 


I must tell you that my book includes some horrible moment in my life that may trigger some readers. While this is indeed a Christian book I do not plan to sugar coat any part of my life. I must convey the exact nature of my relationship with Christ and every part of my life that he impacted. This includes my sex life which began at the innocent age of 4 or 5 years old. 

In this book I open up about my sexual history, all of it. Including being raped and molested at very young ages. This is difficult for a man to speak about but it's something I must do to create the impact that this book will have in many readers lives. I'd like to warn you of this ahead of time because I know that many of us have not arrived at a place where we can speak about what happened to us. 

I must tell you here right now though that what happened to me and what happens to many is not God's will. This is not his plan for us but evil does exist. Today I cling on to his promises and he has healed me. Through Jesus I have been delivered and have forgiven those who hurt me and abused me. I'm free indeed.


Personally I don't like to say to much in regards to who I am because the real person I'm introducing in this book is Jesus. It's not about me. Its about him and everything he did for me. To keep it simple my name is Emmanuel, I'm 27 years old. I grew up in the church and one day that stopped. I spent majority of my youth living a celebrity lifestyle and I despised the church. I hated the bible, I hated church, and I hated Christians. I considered myself a truth seeker and as a creator I couldn't ever grasp the idea of atheism. Nothing in this world was made without a creator and we are no exception to that rule. Only a God would be exempt from something like creation. There had to be an existence out there who simply just always was. I looked everywhere for my identity and the identity of God. I didn't know I'd find both in Jesus and this book tells you all about it.

Risks and challenges

The risk of this project would be capturing the attention of the right audience. I plan to use my recorded documentary on YouTube and content creation to overcome this.